Frequently Asked Questions

What is a responsive website?
The website will be usable on computer, laptop, tablet and cell phone with the same quality and user experience: the images will be adapted to the size of the screen, the font size will automatically upgrade so that the text is always readable.
What is hosting?
It is a structure with computers on which your future website will run. And these are connected to the Internet.
What is a domain name?
This is the name of a website: it is unique and brought from a special company, a registrar company. You are the owner of the name as long as you pay it.
Is website only for showcase and e-commerce?
No, not only. Some of them can manage functions to process investment, invest in blockchain, manage manufacturing workflow. No limit in the imagination!
How can I protect myself against cybersquatting?
You buy other domain names with a different extension: your site will be in .us but you will also have to buy the .com.
What is WordPress?
It is a powerful free tool and language at the same time to build websites.
What is a theme?
In the WordPress ecosystem, it is add-on software to help build a website.
What is a plugin?
In the WordPress ecosystem, it is a software tool to bring you more functions like eCommerce, form, animation. Some are free while some others are chargeable.
Can an mobile app be used on every cell phone?
Unfortunately no! An iPhone app only works on Apple brand machines while an Android app runs on Android cell phones and tablets.
What is the proof of existence for a document?
When the date of creation of a document must be proof, one way is to use the blockchain: this network cannot be modify after the electronic signature of the document has been saved there. Originally, this network was created for the cryptocurrency and its inviolability.

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