Prices: Web Development 2018

SoftDotCom-Website designDescriptionPrice
The Start Package. Professional production with the WordPress tool used by millions websites in the world
. Responsive website to be read on smartphone and tablet: the display adapts automatically to the size of the screen
. Website from 1 to 5 pages or an one-page format of 5 screens
. Simply navigation between the pages with a menu
. One of the screen could be used as the contact screen so that the Internet user communicates with you. The fields cannot be customized
. Text and fixed pictures
. Writing in one language
. Google analytics for consultation
. Documentation included: 'how to' for all the documentation necessary to maintain the website, passwords, parameters, ...
. Exchange by Skype or we meet you in our offices
. Because we want to propose you a website that suits you, this basic version can be completed function by function with tight price
Bonus 1Offered in the Start Package!
. We set up your professional email addresses on your cell phones/computers/laptops
Bonus 2Offered in the Start Package!
. You could ask us to replace 6 pictures after the starting of the website

Options for WordPress
SoftDotCom-Website designDescriptionPrice
PageSupply page after the 5th of the Start Package$350 / page
CarouselCarousel of 4 pictures on the first page$329
VideoVideo on the first page$329
MapsOne or more Google interactives maps$139 / map
FilePossibility to download PDF, Excel, doc file by the Internet user$139 / file
CommentsPage for rewiews and comments$310
GallerySupply pictures with a gallery of 8 pictures maximum other than the basic package$159 / gallery
BlogManage a blog (comments added by the internet users) associated to one or many pages$159
SubscriptionManaging adherents with subscription and renew (only one possible language)$789
LanguageMulti-language website in addition to the language of the basic package. One page in another language is considered as a additional page$330 / language
PrivatePrivatise a part of the website by using a user name and a password$129 / screen
WidgetsWidgets: calculator, banner of information, RSS flux, etc.$89 / widget
ContactOne or more contact screens other than the basic package$129 / screen
VideosIntegration of one or many videos$329 / video
CalendarManage a calendar and events$549
SocialCreation of social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, google+, etc.$180 / social media
OfficeWe meet you at your office for the following of the project$89 / appointment
SecurityUpgrade the website to SSL Certificate$250
E-commerceThis website type being very long, we have to meet you to define the needs before to calculate the costPrice: Contact us
HostingYou host your website. You have a web hosting: we intervene at your hosting company on your behalf$0
Hosting 1stWe host your website. No fee to close your hosting if you decide to quit us and leave with your website$150 / 1st year
Hosting afterWe host your website. No fee to close your hosting if you decide to quit us and leave with your website$150 / year
Professional emailYou want to dispose a professional email address associated to your website in this form -contact @ to receive the requests of contact, the exchange with the prospects with a personnalize signature . . .$60 / year
Email setupWe set up your professional email addresses on your cell phones/computers/laptops$200
DifferentiateDifferentiate the manager of the domain name and the hosting company to stay the owner of your website name$100
TransfertTransfer your website from a hosting company to another one$200
CopySingle copy of a website on DVD$60
CopyComplete copy of a website on DVD$130
DailyWe manage the releases, backup, email, protection, ...Price: Contact us
VisibilityAutomatic referencement, analyze, referencement by keywordPrice: Contact us
SoftDotCom-Website designDescriptionPrice
ResponsiveAnalyse the using of an existing website on a cell phone and tablet devicesPrice: Contact us
MaintenanceModify/fix an existing websitePrice: Contact us
Re-designMigrate an existing website to a new onePrice: Contact us

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