Prices: Web Development

The Start Package
  • professional production with the WordPress tool used by millions websites in the world
  • responsive website to be read by smartphone and tablet: the display adapts automatically to the size of the display
  • website from 1 to 5 pages or an one-page format of 5 screens
  • possible carousel of 4 pictures on the first page
  • simply navigation between the pages with a menu
  • one of the screen could be used as the contact screen so that the Internet user communicates with you. The fields cannot be customized
  • text and pictures
  • writing in one language
  • exchange by Skype or we meet you in our offices
  • because we want to propose you a website that suits you, this basic version can be completed function by function with tight price
$35 / page
  • supply page after the 5th of the start package
  • carousel replaced on the first page by a video
$139 / map
  • one or more Google interactives maps
$139 / file
  • possibility to download PDF, Excel, doc file by the Internet user
  • page for rewiews and comments
$159 / gallery
  • supply pictures with a gallery of 8 pictures maximum other than the basic package
  • manage a blog (comments added by the internet users) associated to one or many pages
  • managing adherents with subscription and renew (only one possible language)
$330 / language
  • multi-language website in addition to the language of the basic package. One page in another language is considered as a additional page
$129 / screen
  • privatise a part of the website by using a user name and a password
$89 / widget
  • widgets: calculator, banner of information, RSS flux…
$129 / screen
  • one or more contact screens other than the basic package
$129 / video
  • integration of one or many videos
  • forum
  • manage a calendar and events
$159 / site
  • creation of socials websites: facebook, google+, …
$89 / appointment
  • we meet you at your office for the following of the project
E-commerce website
Price: Contact us
  • this website type being very long, we have to meet you to define the needs before to calculate the cost
Management / Marketing
You host
  • you have a web host: we intervene at your hosting company on your behalf
We host
$160 / year
  • we host your website. No fee to close your hosting if you decide to quit us and leave with your website
Professional email
$55 / year
  • you want to dispose a professional email address associated to your website in this form ‘contact @’ to receive the requests of contact, the exchange with the prospects…
Price: Contact us
  • we manage the releases, backup, email, protection
Optimize the visibility
Price: Contact us
  • automatic referencement, analyze, referencement by keyword

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All the prices are without VAT.